About Steve

About Steve

Steve was born and brought up in Northumberland, and educated at St John’s College, Cambridge. His first job was teaching languages in the Bahamas. In his spare time he helped out at the local riding school, taking tourists down to the beach on hacks. Typical question from tourist: ‘Why was my horse so slow going down to the beach and so fast coming back?’

It was Steve’s experiences there (and his interest in horse racing on his return to England) that made him realise that he couldn’t be happy unless he could work with horses on a regular basis. As his interest in equine anatomy and physiology grew, he began working in racing stables, mostly in North Yorkshire. There he treated injuries with physiotherapy equipment, mainly using Magnetopulse magnetic field therapy to treat a range of muscular and other problems.

Over the years Steve combined teaching with working with horses until, eventually, horses took over completely. He qualified as a human chiropractor, and spent a further eighteen months learning how to apply his skills to horses, dogs and other animals.

For ten years Steve ran a thriving equine chiropractic business in North West London, working with a wide range of different breeds in Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. He and his wife, Sheila, spent their weekends at their house in Reydon, on the outskirts of Southwold, Suffolk. In 2009 they moved permanently to Reydon, where Steve now treats horses, mainly around Norfolk and north Suffolk.

Steve is also a writer, and to date he has had five books published: A Dick Francis Companion (McFarland 2008); Greyhound Racing: Make It Pay (High Stakes 2009); Rosie's Pictures (2012; ebook available from Amazon Kindle Store); Greyhound Racing Systems (2013; available from www.bettingonthedogs.co.uk); and Picking Winners on Looks (2016; available from www.pickingwinnersonlooks.co.uk) Apart from horses, greyhounds are Steve's passion; he works as a volunteer at the rehoming kennels for greyhounds that have finished their racing careers at Great Yarmouth stadium. At home he has a retired racing greyhound called Betsy.

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