What You Say

Debbie Middleton

Brockley Grange Farm,
'My husband Chris and I run a busy yard in north-west London, and we’ve known Steve since he moved south in 2000. Ever since then Steve has come to check out and treat our horses.

Even though he lives in Suffolk now he still travels up to London when we need him. Steve’s a very effective chiropractor, and my horses really respond to his calm and patient way of dealing with them.'

Debbie Cox

'I’ve known Steve for a long time now, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to look after my horses’ backs. I like his quiet, caring approach, and the horses do too! It’s as if they know they’re going to feel better after a treatment.

I’ve recommended Steve to my friends, and he’s sure of a busy time when he comes up to Yorkshire!'

Teresa Swift

Jarvis Farm,
'When you’ve a hundred and one jobs to fit into your day, as I have, you need to be working with people you can trust and rely on. Steve is always on time, always friendly, and he has time to talk through the problems that regularly crop up when you work with competition horses.   

When I first got to know Steve and we chatted about looking after my horses’ spinal health, I knew straight away that his ideas and mine were very much in line. Between Steve and Marigold, my Bowen therapist, I feel I’m giving my horses’ backs the best possible care.'
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